We don’t just make videos, we tell stories

We do not just take pictures and videos. We take care of telling a moment, and
every moment is a different story.

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We believe that every story has its own way of unfolding and telling itself. Colors, lights, time are
variables that can, and must, create uniqueness

What We Do

After all, we deal with photography and video, still and moving images, logos and vfx that allow
our clients to give life to their idea.

How We Work

Let’s listen, the first rule is to understand what thinks those who ask us for advice. We propose,
based on our experience, what and how an idea can be realized. We work with images but we have
no desire to appear

Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out


Have an idea ? Lets get started

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Roberto Cadeddu Fotografo

Sede Legale: Via Sidney Sonnino 2, 09124, Cagliari

P.IVA: 03445270923

info@shadowshallow.it +393201183595


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